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Relating to parts of our biology that cannot be inherited by the next generation (all body cells apart from egg and sperm cells, and their precursors).

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USA announces $190 million for genome editing research 29 January 2018 News
Revolutionising reproduction: setting a new moral compass 22 January 2018 Comment
What next for genome editing? Politics and the public 15 January 2018 Comment
Americans becoming open to human genome editing 21 August 2017 News
Sperm in space produce healthy mouse pups on Earth 30 May 2017 News
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Major US report supports human genome editing 20 February 2017 News
New genetic links to pancreatic cancer discovered 20 February 2017 News
ACMG recommends caution on genome editing 6 February 2017 News
Professor Sir Ian Wilmut in conversation with Dr Roger Highfield 16 January 2017 Comment
Healthy mice created from eggs and sperm without conventional fertilisation 19 September 2016 News
Event Review: Gene editing – exploring the Canadian context 12 September 2016 Review
Growing sperm in the lab: an embryonic science 7 March 2016 Comment
Genetically identical twins born with different eye and skin colour 28 February 2016 News
Genome editing and CRISPR: The science of engineering the embryo 18 January 2016 Comment
What is the germline? 21 December 2015 Comment
Summit agrees genome editing to proceed, with caution 7 December 2015 News
Human stem cells 'printed' in 3D 9 November 2015 News
Gene editing of human embyros must be allowed, says Hinxton group 14 September 2015 News
Obesity findings set precedent for GWAS research 7 September 2015 Comment
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System Biology Tools and Preclinical Models for Translational Research in Endometriosis and Adhesion Formation: Lessons from Cancer and Inflammation Biology
4 September 2009 Auditorium GA1, Campus Onderwijs en Navorsing, Gasthuisberg Herestraat, Leuven 3000, Belgium
A course addressing state-of-the-art research methodology in systems biology...