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An area of research that aims to develop ways of matching medicines to a person's genetic makeup, to avoid adverse reactions or non-response to particular drugs.

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ASHG warns parents to limit genetic testing 13 July 2015 News
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Consumers don't necessarily know genetic risk can change 3 August 2009 News
New Zealand genetic testing law review supports saviour siblings 30 October 2007 News
'Over-the counter' genetic tests trigger ethical concerns 30 October 2007 News
US FDA  to subject blood-thinning drug to genetic test 20 August 2007 News
Pharmacogenetics in assisted reproduction: optimising response to ovarian stimulation 28 January 2007 Comment
Genes fuel sex drive 2 June 2006 News
'Desk-top' machine for personalised prescriptions 10 October 2005 News
Personalised medicine 15-20 years away, say UK scientists 22 September 2005 News
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