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The occurrence of two or more cell populations within a single tissue or individual, which have different genetic constitutions.

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Event Review: International IVF Initiative – My mosaic embryo 25 January 2021 Review
Embryos with abnormal cells may be common and result in IVF success 20 July 2020 News
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A scramble for headlines or an optimistic (sunny side up) contribution to research on fertility preservation? 12 February 2018 Comment
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Genome editing targets beta-thalassemia in human embryos 2 October 2017 News
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Disease-causing mutation edited out of human embryos 7 August 2017 News
US lab may have edited human embryos for first time 31 July 2017 News
First genome editing of normal human embryos 13 March 2017 News
IVF culture medium can double the chance of success 9 January 2017 News
IVF: the next generation – first UK baby born after DNA screening technique 9 May 2016 News
Reassurance for mothers over mosaic aneuploidy in CVS 3 May 2016 Comment
Abnormal fetuses are highly unlikely to heal themselves 18 April 2016 Comment
Birthmark gene find offers hope for rare neurological condition 13 May 2013 News
Why we should back a law change to allow mitochondrial transfer into the clinic 13 February 2012 Comment
What next for preimplantation genetic screening (PGS)? 13 July 2009 Comment
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