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iPS (induced pluripotent stem) cell

A cell with similar properties to an  embryonic stem cell, but created by 'reprogramming' cells from adult tissues, such as skin cells.

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Safety matters – can we be sure that CRISPR-Cas9 is not producing unwanted genetic alterations? 3 July 2017 Comment
Blood stem cells produced in the lab for the first time 22 May 2017 News
Large bank of human stem cell lines made in Europe 15 May 2017 News
Human 'mini-brains' in lab mimic development and disease 2 May 2017 News
Stem cell treatments succeed and fail in treating eye disease 20 March 2017 News
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Mouse pancreas grown in rat reverses diabetes 30 January 2017 News
Stem cells reprogrammed to resemble fertilised eggs 23 January 2017 News
Professor Sir Ian Wilmut in conversation with Dr Roger Highfield 16 January 2017 Comment
Stem cell treatment restores light sensitivity in blind mice 13 January 2017 News
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