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Germ cells

Egg and sperm cells (also known as gametes) and their precursors.

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Genetic mutation rate could predict lifespan and fertility 22 June 2020 News
Virtual embryo gives insight into early embryo development 27 April 2020 News
Lab-grown eggs and sperm a step closer 10 February 2020 News
Time waits for no man: the impact of age on male fertility 21 May 2018 Comment
Painkillers in pregnancy may affect offspring's fertility 23 April 2018 News
Video Review: The Future of Your Genetic Health 9 April 2018 Review
Ibuprofen in early pregnancy may harm the future fertility of baby girls 5 February 2018 News
Creating life in the lab: in vitro gametogenesis (IVG) and synthetic human entities with embryo-like features (SHEEFs) 8 January 2018 Comment
Americans becoming open to human genome editing 21 August 2017 News
Blood test for testicular cancer a step closer 19 June 2017 News
The 14-day rule: calling time on embryo research 9 January 2017 Comment
Chemotherapy during pregnancy could affect daughters' fertility 15 August 2016 News
Spanish lab creates human sperm precursors from skin cells 3 May 2016 News
Growing sperm in the lab: an embryonic science 7 March 2016 Comment
Lab-made sperm used to breed healthy mice 29 February 2016 News
Radio Review: Editing Life 22 February 2016 Review
Painkillers during pregnancy reduce fertility of offspring in rats 1 February 2016 News
UK scientists seek trial of 'mitochondria-boosting' IVF technique 1 February 2016 News
What is the germline? 21 December 2015 Comment
Summit agrees genome editing to proceed, with caution 7 December 2015 News
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