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The specific DNA sequence present at a particular chromosome location.

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Sequencing company proposes trading genetic information for cryptocurrency 12 February 2018 News
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Alzheimer's gene affects brain development in children 18 July 2016 News
Epigenetic variation predicts post-natal depression 3 August 2015 News
Commercialisation and the moral obligation to create 'designer' babies 8 December 2014 Comment
Gut bacteria contributing to weight gain may be inherited 10 November 2014 News
Two genes linked to 'up to ten percent of severe violent crime' 3 November 2014 News
Schizophrenia Genetics: A Revolution with a Dash of Caution 28 July 2014 Comment
So many genes, so close to home 12 May 2014 Comment
Event Review: Should Genes be Public? 3 March 2014 Review
Gene links stress to heart attacks 6 January 2014 News
Back to school - using genetics to personalise education 28 October 2013 Comment
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