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Genetic susceptibility/predisposition

Increased probability - compared to the general population - of developing a disease, due to the presence of one or more gene mutations.

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Event Review: Shining a Light on Genetic Disorders – Genetic eye disorders 12 July 2021 Review
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Seventy-two new gene targets for breast cancer found 30 October 2017 News
Cancer-causing effect of common chemical pinpointed 5 June 2017 News
FDA approves home genetic tests for 10 diseases 10 April 2017 News
Canada passes genetic non-discrimination bill 13 March 2017 News
First genome editing of normal human embryos 13 March 2017 News
Neanderthal genes control human gene expression 27 February 2017 News
Eight percent of tiredness linked to genes 20 February 2017 News
Major US report supports human genome editing 20 February 2017 News
New genetic links to pancreatic cancer discovered 20 February 2017 News
Gene testing in young patients may uncover 'cancer families' 8 August 2016 News
Genetic risk scores could predict Alzheimer's 11 July 2016 News
Video Review: What If My Neighbour's Kid Was Genetically Modified? 4 July 2016 Review
Osteoporosis drug touted as potential 'BRCA-blocker' 27 June 2016 News
Healthy lifestyle reduces risk of common breast-cancer genes 31 May 2016 News
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