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The observed connection between an inherited trait and a particular gene or DNA marker. Association studies are used to pinpoint genes involved in complex disorders which are influenced by several genetic and non-genetic factors.

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Record-breaking study links over 950 genes to insomnia 5 February 2018 News
Forty new genes linked to intelligence in humans 30 May 2017 News
Baldness linked to over 280 genes 20 February 2017 News
Eight percent of tiredness linked to genes 20 February 2017 News
GIANT makes short work of height gene discovery 20 February 2017 Comment
New genetic links to pancreatic cancer discovered 20 February 2017 News
Twelve gene regions linked to human reproductive behaviour 7 November 2016 News
Crowd-sourced DNA links depression to 17 genes 8 August 2016 News
Ice-bucket challenge funds ALS gene discoveries 1 August 2016 News
Genetic risk scores could predict Alzheimer's 11 July 2016 News
Video Review: What If My Neighbour's Kid Was Genetically Modified? 4 July 2016 Review
74 genes linked to education level, but effect is minimal 16 May 2016 News
Book Review: Not In Your Genes - The Real Reasons Children Are Like Their Parents 3 May 2016 Review
Two genes linked to higher chance of having twins 3 May 2016 News
Blood vessel gene linked to both stroke and dementia 11 April 2016 News
Neanderthal DNA linked to today's diseases 22 February 2016 News
Five new genetic regions linked to long life in humans 21 December 2015 News
UK Biobank data reveals new associations between smoking and lung cancer 28 September 2015 News
Obesity findings set precedent for GWAS research 7 September 2015 Comment
Epigenetic variation predicts post-natal depression 3 August 2015 News
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