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Adult stem cell

A type of stem cell found in adult tissues, which is capable of dividing and multiplying to produce a range of different specialised cells. For example, bone marrow stem cells produce a wide range of different blood cells.

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Japan launches first clinical trial of stem cells for Parkinson's 6 August 2018 News
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Comic Review: Hope beyond Hype - A Story of Stem Cells from Discovery to Therapy 11 June 2012 Review
Hair hopes raised for bald men in mouse study 23 April 2012 News
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Twin Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and Stem Cell Biology and Technology
23 September 2009 Razi International Conference Centre, Tehran, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Shahid Hemmat Highway 14496, Tehran, Iran
The Royan Institute's 10th Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and 5th Congress on Stem Cell Biology and Technology...