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The transplantation of living cells, tissues or organs from one species to another, for example the transplantation of animal organs into human patients.

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Worlds-first successful pig-to-human heart transplant 17 January 2022 News
Pig organ transplants a step closer as CRISPR removes viruses 14 August 2017 News
Mouse pancreas grown in rat reverses diabetes 30 January 2017 News
Genome editing and CRISPR: The science of engineering the embryo 18 January 2016 Comment
Will organs from GM pigs save our bacon? 2 November 2015 Comment
CRISPR could make animal-to-human organ transplant safer 19 October 2015 News
Organ transplants from pigs within a decade? 10 November 2008 News
Baboons receive pig kidneys 8 December 2003 News
Goldie is a 'knock-out' 20 January 2003 News
Concerns over pig-human fusion cells 16 January 2003 News
More trouble at PPL 23 September 2002 News
And this little piggy... 27 August 2002 News
The most famous sheep in the world 7 January 2002 Comment
This little piggy... 7 January 2002 News
Uncertainty over animal organ transplants 5 March 2001 News
New rules for US gene therapy researchers 22 January 2001 News
China and Denmark to sequence pig genome 6 November 2000 News
India draws up bioethics guidelines 30 October 2000 News
Concerns over safety of xenotransplantation 21 August 2000 News
Pigs cloned using new techniques 21 August 2000 News
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