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Describes a living thing that contains genes from another creature. Transgenic animals are bred in the laboratory, by genetically altering a newly fertilised egg.

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Missing link shows how stress affects infertility 14 December 2020 News
Human gene triggers bigger brain in monkeys 30 November 2020 News
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Book Review: Chimera's Children - Ethical, Philosophical and Religious Perspectives on Human-Nonhuman Experimentation 7 January 2013 Review
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Do humans carry a gene for detecting the Earth's magnetism? 27 June 2011 News
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Can regenerative medicine defeat ageing? 7 August 2009 Comment
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Pig stem cells offer renewed hope of GM organ transplants 7 June 2009 News
Human speech gene gives mice a deeper squeak 1 June 2009 News
Scientists create transgenic glowing monkeys to aid research 1 June 2009 News
Day-glow dogs for genetic research 5 May 2009 News
Stem Cell Research and Society: Lessons from Social Science 18 August 2008 Comment
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