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Therapeutic cloning

A popular name for the proposed use of embryo stem cells, derived using somatic cell nuclear transfer technology, to develop genetically-matched cell therapies for a range of diseases.

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The case against human cloning 28 September 2015 Comment
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Australian researchers apply for a licence to create cloned human embryos 9 June 2008 News
Ohio considers anti-cloning measure 6 May 2008 News
Legal challenge to hybrid embryo research licences 14 April 2008 News
Australian Capital Territory to debate cloning legislation 7 April 2008 News
'Therapeutic cloning' treats Parkinson's in mice 26 March 2008 News
Reprogramming adult epithelial cells into embryonic-like stem cells improves therapeutic safety 19 February 2008 News
Adult skin cells yield first cloned human embryos 21 January 2008 News
'Reprogrammed' stem cells excite opponents of embryo research 3 December 2007 News
UN report calls for worldwide ban on human cloning 19 November 2007 News
Reproducing regulation: new laws for fertility treatment and embryo research - will we get it right? 12 November 2007 Comment
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