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The male reproductive organs, which produce sperm and hormones.

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Semen quality linked to environmental factors during mother's pregnancy 29 March 2021 News
COVID-19 may affect male fertility in four key ways 25 January 2021 News
Examining the Evidence: Can COVID-19 Affect Fertility? Can It Affect the Fetus? 21 December 2020 Comment
TV Review: Me, My Brother and Our Balls 16 November 2020 Review
COVID-19 invades the testes of some men infected with SARS-CoV-2 9 November 2020 News
Protein delivered to testes improves sperm production 26 October 2020 News
COVID-19 may harm sperm production 12 October 2020 News
Human sperm cells grown in vitro as a potential step to treat male infertility 20 July 2020 News
Coronavirus may damage sperm-making cells without infecting the testes 8 June 2020 News
Genetic cause for testes developing in people with female chromosomes 8 June 2020 News
Unproven report linking coronavirus to male infertility removed 16 March 2020 News
Key gene in making eggs and sperm discovered 10 February 2020 News
Lab-grown eggs and sperm a step closer 10 February 2020 News
Twin's testicular transplant may have wider implications 16 December 2019 News
Muscle-building steroids make men infertile 3 June 2019 News
Healthy monkey born from sperm from transplanted testes tissue 25 March 2019 News
Revolutionising reproduction: the future of fertility treatment 25 March 2019 Comment
Sperm DNA taken directly from testes of infertile men is healthy 25 March 2019 News
Birth defect in boys linked to cancer and infertility 3 September 2018 News
Men who wear boxer shorts have better sperm 13 August 2018 News
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