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The practice of bearing a child for another person or couple. In gestational (also known as 'full' or 'host') surrogacy, the surrogate carries an embryo conceived through IVF. In traditional (also known as 'partial' or 'straight') surrogacy, the surrogate's own egg is fertilised with the intended father's sperm.

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Malta reforms law on embryo freezing and gamete donation 8 October 2018 News
French ethics body backs IVF for single and lesbian women 1 October 2018 News
Modern surrogacy needs a modern law: How should we regulate surrogacy in the 21st century? 1 October 2018 Comment
Dead son's sperm used to create grandson without consent 17 September 2018 News
Spanish families stranded in Ukraine in surrogacy limbo 3 September 2018 News
US surrogate sues agency over taking genetic son 28 August 2018 News
Uterus transplantation in Lebanon: Could it make women more vulnerable? 28 August 2018 Comment
Radio Review: Boston Calling – Baby Guaranteed 6 August 2018 Review
Protests in Tel Aviv as gay amendment in Israeli surrogacy bill thrown out 23 July 2018 News
Pregnant Cambodian surrogates charged with human trafficking 16 July 2018 News
Cambodian raid finds 33 pregnant surrogates, with trafficking charges brought 2 July 2018 News
Canadian MP's bill to decriminalise surrogacy and donor payments 4 June 2018 News
Is genetic relatedness worth the risks and costs of mitochondrial replacement? 14 May 2018 Comment
Baby born through surrogacy removed from UK's oldest parents 8 May 2018 News
'Outdated and inadequate' UK surrogacy laws set for reform 8 May 2018 News
Malta prepares to overhaul laws on surrogacy, embryo freezing and IVF 30 April 2018 News
The HFEA Code of Practice is being updated – here's how to get involved 30 April 2018 Comment
TV Review: The Good Karma Hospital  30 April 2018 Review
Italy refuses to register baby born to lesbian couple 23 April 2018 News
Baby born to surrogate four years after parents' death 16 April 2018 News
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