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A reproductive cell, either the male sperm or the female egg.

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Time waits for no man: the impact of age on male fertility 21 May 2018 Comment
'Synthetic' mouse embryos created from stem cells 8 May 2018 News
Malta prepares to overhaul laws on surrogacy, embryo freezing and IVF 30 April 2018 News
Italy refuses to register baby born to lesbian couple 23 April 2018 News
Donor Conceived Register to close as HFEA ends funding 19 March 2018 News
The silent seed 5 March 2018 Comment
We need progress in French ART law 19 February 2018 Comment
Book Review: The Ethics of Pregnancy, Abortion and Childbirth - Exploring Moral Choices in Childbearing 12 February 2018 Review
Book Review: Selective Reproduction in the 21st Century 29 January 2018 Review
New Assisted Reproduction Bill in Ireland gathers pace 22 January 2018 News
Revolutionising reproduction: setting a new moral compass 22 January 2018 Comment
Creating life in the lab: in vitro gametogenesis (IVG) and synthetic human entities with embryo-like features (SHEEFs) 8 January 2018 Comment
Professors Robin Lovell-Badge and Cathy Warwick recognised in New Year's Honours 8 January 2018 News
Taking paracetamol during pregnancy may reduce fertility of daughters 8 January 2018 News
Sperm, eggs and embryos: how do we define them as science offers new possibilities? 18 December 2017 Comment
Embryo adoption in the US: Any lessons for the UK? 6 November 2017 Comment
Reform of assisted reproduction in Ireland is long overdue 23 October 2017 Comment
Human embryos donated for research: a gift that goes on giving 16 October 2017 Comment
Ireland to offer state-funded IVF 9 October 2017 News
International genetics groups advocate germline CRISPR research 7 August 2017 News
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Running for Answers
16 September 2009 Club Med Athenia, Marathon 19007, Attica, Greece
The 7th European Congress on Reproductive Immunology...
Pacific Rim Society for Fertility and Sterility Conference
20 August 2009 Taipei International Convention Centre, 1 Hsin Yi Road, Section 5, Taipei 11049, Taiwan
The 7th Conference of the Pacific Rim Society for Fertility and Sterility...