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A protein produced by a living organism which acts to bring about a specific biochemical reaction.

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Lack of Prss50 genes severely affects male fertility in mouse model 18 October 2021 News
Genetic variant increases Alzheimer's and severe COVID-19 risk 11 October 2021 News
Gene that determines severity of COVID-19 discovered 4 October 2021 News
Artificial mitochondria generate energy and save damaged cells 27 September 2021 News
Over one million potential genome-editing enzymes discovered in microbes 20 September 2021 News
Research sheds light on the role of ACE2 in ovulation 31 August 2021 News
CRISPR-based COVID-19 diagnostic detects variants 16 August 2021 News
Gene responsible for lack of sperm identified 9 August 2021 News
CRISPR genome editing blocks SARS-CoV-2 replication 19 July 2021 News
Gene therapy success in trial to treat neurodegenerative disorder 19 July 2021 News
Gene therapy treats rare immunodeficiency in children 17 May 2021 News
Retron genome editing approach is faster and easier than CRISPR 10 May 2021 News
Neanderthal genes also decrease the risk of severe COVID-19 22 February 2021 News
CRISPR shown to dampen gene activity in bacteria 25 January 2021 News
Mechanism identified to keep sperm swimming straight 11 January 2021 News
Genetic variants linked to severe COVID-19 identified 14 December 2020 News
Gene discovered that controls food cravings and motivation to exercise 16 November 2020 News
A Nobel for CRISPR genome editing – and for women scientists 2 November 2020 Comment
COVID-19 may harm sperm production 12 October 2020 News
Gene crucial to the regulation of sexual desire in men discovered 21 September 2020 News
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Techniques and Applications of Molecular Biology
13 July 2009 Department of Biological Sciences, Gibbet Hill Campus, Gibbet Hill Road, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL
A course for those who wish to develop their understanding of genetic engineering techniques...