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Embryonic stem cell

A type of stem cell found in early embryos, which is capable of developing into all (totipotent) or a wide range of (pluripotent) different body tissues.

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Pioneer stem cell therapy restores sight in two blind patients 26 March 2018 News
Stem cell vaccine works against multiple cancers in mice 19 February 2018 News
Stem cell therapy shows promise in patients with sight loss 20 November 2017 News
Most versatile stem cells yet created 16 October 2017 News
Doubt over human embryo editing study 4 September 2017 News
China plans embryonic stem cell trials for Parkinson's and blindness 5 June 2017 News
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Twin Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and Stem Cell Biology and Technology
23 September 2009 Razi International Conference Centre, Tehran, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Shahid Hemmat Highway 14496, Tehran, Iran
The Royan Institute's 10th Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and 5th Congress on Stem Cell Biology and Technology...