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DI (donor insemination)

The insertion of a donated sperm sample into a woman's vagina, cervix or womb to achieve a pregnancy.

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Doctors donating their own sperm is a bigger problem than you think 21 June 2021 Comment
Canadian doctor loses licence for using own sperm in IVF 1 July 2019 News
Canadian government tables reform to assisted reproduction laws 5 November 2018 News
Grandparents win legal right to see donor sperm grandchild 5 March 2018 News
Radio Review: Surrogacy in The Archers 29 January 2018 Review
US lesbian couple's parental rights upheld after sperm donor asserts paternity 29 January 2018 News
Same-sex parental support case raises consent issues 18 December 2017 News
US fertility doctor receives no jail time for using his own sperm in clinic 18 December 2017 News
Shared motherhood IVF for lesbian couples is gaining acceptance in the UK 27 November 2017 Comment
US fertility doctor accused of using own sperm changes plea 30 October 2017 News
Act now to investigate male infertility, urges expert 16 October 2017 News
Dutch sperm donor may have fathered 102 children 29 August 2017 News
Disease-causing mutation edited out of human embryos 7 August 2017 News
US lab may have edited human embryos for first time 31 July 2017 News
Donor children just as healthy as general population 17 July 2017 News
How Germany's new Sperm Donor Registry Act is internationally progressive 26 June 2017 Comment
Dutch court rules donor families can test fertility doctor's DNA 5 June 2017 News
Dutch woman tracks her sperm donor using DNA bank 5 June 2017 News
German Parliament passes the Sperm Donor Registry Act 30 May 2017 News
Book Review: Telling and Talking about Donor Conception with People Aged 17 and Over - A Guide for Parents 22 May 2017 Review
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