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Glioblastomas may be fuelled by overactive mitochondria 18 January 2021 News
Genetic basis discovered for the higher risk of prostate cancer in black men 11 January 2021 News
'Virtual biopsies' could replace tissue biopsies for ovarian cancer 11 January 2021 News
Faster cancer diagnosis achieved by new DNA sequencing method 7 December 2020 News
Genome's non-coding 'dark matter' plays role in cancer development 23 November 2020 News
IVF does not increase long-term risk of ovarian cancer 23 November 2020 News
Novel cancer driver genes discovered by prediction algorithm 23 November 2020 News
Cancer risk higher in IVF babies with birth defects 2 November 2020 News
Ovarian cancer blood test more effective than previously thought 2 November 2020 News
Precision cancer drug targets DNA repair 5 October 2020 News
Women treated for ovarian tumours can conceive 5 October 2020 News
Genes identified that allow cancer to escape the immune system 28 September 2020 News
Oesophageal cancer detection may be accelerated by genome sequencing 14 September 2020 News
BRCA-associated breast cancer risk may be influenced by the woman's genome 7 September 2020 News
Common chromosomal mutations occur in various cancers 7 September 2020 News
IVF postcode lottery for breast cancer patients 24 August 2020 News
'Single gene' condition risk influenced by genetic background 24 August 2020 News
Chemotherapy infertility risk more likely discussed with female patients 27 July 2020 News
Saving lives with early breast and ovarian cancer screening 20 July 2020 News
Fertility preservation is effective in female cancer patients 6 July 2020 News
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