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Evolutionary genetics

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Study suggests 'genetic formula' for monogamy 14 January 2019 News
Prenatal tests provide largest genetic study of Chinese people 8 October 2018 News
Elephants' 'zombie gene' may give cancer insights 20 August 2018 News
Three genes give evolutionary insights into human brain size 4 June 2018 News
Film Review: Annihilation 16 April 2018 Review
Radio Review: Inside Science - Ancient DNA and Human Evolution 22 January 2018 Review
Skin colour genes study gives evolutionary insights 16 October 2017 News
75 percent of human genome is junk DNA 24 July 2017 News
'Education genes' linked to lower fertility are declining 23 January 2017 News
Podcast Review: Big Unknowns – can we stop ageing? 16 January 2017 Review
Neanderthal genes are being purged from our DNA 14 November 2016 News
DNA of Ice Age Europeans revealed 9 May 2016 News
Vegetarian populations carry metabolic mutation 4 April 2016 News
Ancient viruses buried in our genomes help to fight off new ones 7 March 2016 News
Y chromosomes of gorillas could answer questions about male infertility 7 March 2016 News
Neanderthal DNA linked to today's diseases 22 February 2016 News
'Gene drive' could halt malaria transmission 30 November 2015 News
Radio Review: Peter Snow Returns to the Future 2 November 2015 Review
Reawakening of ancient virus may trigger motor neurone disease 5 October 2015 News
Inuit have unique genes for metabolising omega-3 fats 21 September 2015 News
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