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DNA company accused of fudging people's genetic test results 16 September 2019 News
Event Review: Transforming Medicine - The Promise of Human Genome Editing for Rare and Genetic Disease 16 September 2019 Review
No single 'gay gene' suggest genome studies 2 September 2019 News
Book Review: Gene Eating - The Science of Obesity and the Truth about Diets 27 August 2019 Review
US project on 1 million genomes lines up genetic counsellors 27 August 2019 News
NHS 'genomic volunteers' won't be expected to pay for genome sequencing 29 July 2019 News
Anorexia linked to genetics, suggests study 22 July 2019 News
Experts speak out on direct-to-consumer genetic testing 22 July 2019 News
Healthy lifestyle lowers dementia risk irrespective of genetics 15 July 2019 News
Scientist lines up couples for genome-edited babies 8 July 2019 News
Scientists oppose proposal to close UK mouse-research centre 1 July 2019 News
What can healthy individuals learn from getting their genomes sequenced? 1 July 2019 Comment
Pharma giant teams up with CRISPR experts for drug discovery 17 June 2019 News
Gene mutation in genome-edited babies linked to shorter life 10 June 2019 News
Commission on heritable genome editing launches, while China clamps down 3 June 2019 News
Testing times: how should we use genomic data in assisted reproduction 20 May 2019 Comment
Native American man's DNA traced back 17,000 years 13 May 2019 News
Event Review: A public dialogue on genomic medicine 7 May 2019 Review
How should we use genomic data in assisted reproduction? 7 May 2019 Comment
Video Review: 'Engaging the Public with Genome Editing' series, Biochemical Society 7 May 2019 Review
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