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Next-generation genomic research platform launched in the UK for COVID-19 6 July 2020 News
Event Review: The Coronavirus Genome - Conspiracies, controversies, and future confidence in tackling COVID-19 29 June 2020 Review
New drug stops cancer cells from repairing their DNA 29 June 2020 News
Polycystic ovary syndrome may have more than two different subtypes 29 June 2020 News
Genetic mutation rate could predict lifespan and fertility 22 June 2020 News
Coronavirus DNA could spread across hospital ward within ten hours 15 June 2020 News
Event Review: Hacking Darwin - Genetic engineering and the future of humanity 1 June 2020 Review
Genetic database gives insights into diseases and hope for Parkinson's 1 June 2020 News
Neanderthal gene increases fertility and reduces miscarriage 1 June 2020 News
Novel gene discovered that helps keep some people thin 26 May 2020 News
Genomics in an age of COVID-19 18 May 2020 Comment
Podcast Review: The Genetics Podcast - Patient powered research networks 18 May 2020 Review
UK initiative to sequence coronavirus patient genomes 18 May 2020 News
Coronavirus mutations provide insight into spread patterns 11 May 2020 News
Baroness Blackwood appointed chair of Genomics England 4 May 2020 News
Coronavirus widespread in UK at very start of pandemic 4 May 2020 News
Alternative framework for heredity proposed 27 April 2020 News
Virtual embryo gives insight into early embryo development 27 April 2020 News
Cancer gene helps regrow heart cells 20 April 2020 News
Podcast Review: Episode 2: The Gene Gap - Who decides what should happen next? 30 March 2020 Review
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