The Fertility Show, Manchester Central, 23-24 March 2019
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Infertility and IVF general

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Getting reliable fertility advice free of commercial interest 18 March 2019 Comment
Infertility in women linked to greater cancer risk 18 March 2019 News
IVF baby birth weights have been rising for 25 years 18 March 2019 News
The place of fertility education in UK schools 4 March 2019 Comment
Video Review: 'Your Fertility Matters' – Fertility Education Initiative 4 March 2019 Review
DNA test gets go-ahead to find out if fertility doctor used own sperm 18 February 2019 News
'Older' sperm produce healthier offspring 18 February 2019 News
Ireland's proposed surrogacy laws fail to acknowledge international arrangements 11 February 2019 Comment
IVF linked to pregnancy complication risk in women 11 February 2019 News
40 years of IVF: past, present and future 28 January 2019 Comment
Birth expected in mitochondrial donation for infertility trial 28 January 2019 News
Book review: My Story, My Gift – books for the children of egg, sperm and embryo donors 21 January 2019 Review
Oldham CCG cuts IVF cycle funding from three to one 21 January 2019 News
The future of fertility law: what must change and when? 21 January 2019 Comment
What is an 'add-on' and why does it matter? 21 January 2019 Comment
Loss of crucial protein could explain endometriosis and infertility link 14 January 2019 News
Repeat miscarriages could be due to faulty sperm 14 January 2019 News
IVF linked to child asthma risk 10 December 2018 News
New crime of 'fertility fraud' proposed in Indiana 3 December 2018 News
Fertility rate halves across world 12 November 2018 News
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