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Infertility and IVF general

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Does fertility treatment still need to be a medical secret? 2 December 2019 Comment
Fertility treatment - not age, may change epigenetics in offspring 2 December 2019 News
New Zealand launches world's first HIV positive sperm bank 2 December 2019 News
'Rubber band' protein blamed for falling female fertility with age 25 November 2019 News
US bid to take action against 'fertility' supplements 25 November 2019 News
IVF Fairness petition closed due to UK election 11 November 2019 News
Radio Review: 'One to One: Benjamin Zephaniah meets Richard and Terri Clothier' – BBC Radio 4 available on iPlayer 4 November 2019 Review
Teen cancer patients not told about fertility risks 27 October 2019 News
Artificial womb to be developed for premature babies 14 October 2019 News
Radio Review: Tackling the male fertility crisis (BBC World Service, Business Daily) 30 September 2019 Review
Healthy bone marrow may be important in fertility 23 September 2019 News
HFEA urges IVF clinics to be more transparent about add-ons 16 September 2019 News
Selfish and septuagenarian: when do reproductive rights end? 16 September 2019 Comment
IVF temporarily changes babies' epigenetics 9 September 2019 News
Podcast Review: Global infertility - Could The Handmaid's Tale become reality? 9 September 2019 Review
NHS group denies single women IVF treatment 27 August 2019 News
Infertility stress almost doubles the risk of depression in women 19 August 2019 News
Film Review: Only You 5 August 2019 Review
Podcast Review: Egg freezing, fertility and IVF (Sista Collective, BBC Radio 5 Live) 22 July 2019 Review
Public benefits of children: A case for publicly funding fertility care 22 July 2019 Comment
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