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Human genetics general

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Radio Review: 'The Moral Maze Debates the Morality of Genetics'– BBC Radio 4 available on iPlayer 2 December 2019 Review
Event Review: Is obesity a choice? 25 November 2019 Review
Genetic screening of embryos may not lead to smarter babies 25 November 2019 News
Genome-edited babies may be justifiable says bioethicist 25 November 2019 News
'Rubber band' protein blamed for falling female fertility with age 25 November 2019 News
Carrier screening: The state of play in the UK Jewish population 18 November 2019 Comment
Podcast Review: 'Biohacking: Rules of Engagement' – Reset, Vox 18 November 2019 Review
Woman has mutation which may protect against Alzheimer's 11 November 2019 News
Largest-ever African genome study may give disease insights 4 November 2019 News
US disability council urges greater regulation of genetic testing 4 November 2019 News
Podcast Review: The dangers of DIY genetic testing – Science Weekly, The Guardian 28 October 2019 Review
Study suggests 'gene drain' from Britain's industrial areas 28 October 2019 News
Post-traumatic stress disorder has genetic component 14 October 2019 News
Rare genetic quirk twice as common as thought 14 October 2019 News
Study finds 44 genes linked to hearing loss 30 September 2019 News
Sperm donor implicated in multiple cases of child autism 23 September 2019 News
DNA company accused of fudging people's genetic test results 16 September 2019 News
Event Review: Transforming Medicine - The Promise of Human Genome Editing for Rare and Genetic Disease 16 September 2019 Review
IVF temporarily changes babies' epigenetics 9 September 2019 News
Study reveals genes linked to left-handedness 9 September 2019 News
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