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Human genetics general

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A patchwork of policies: assisted conception and embryo research in Europe 14 January 2019 Comment
Genes discovered for red-headedness 17 December 2018 News
Professor Sir David Weatherall obituary: 'iconic' scientist dies 10 December 2018 News
First genes linked to ADHD discovered 3 December 2018 News
Mitochondrial DNA can be inherited from fathers 3 December 2018 News
Podcast Review: Mike Stratton and cancer genes - The Life Scientific (BBC Radio 4) 3 December 2018 Review
Woman sues UK hospital over Huntington's inheritance 3 December 2018 News
Genetic 'reshuffling' by brain cells may link to Alzheimer's disease 26 November 2018 News
Multiple genes implicated in suicide by family genome study 26 November 2018 News
Genetics study reveals how obesity can cause depression 19 November 2018 News
Genetic test to screen embryos for low intelligence developed in US 19 November 2018 News
Tea or coffee preference may be down to your genes 19 November 2018 News
Long life has little to do with genetics 12 November 2018 News
FDA approves DNA test for predicting drug effectiveness – if it carries warnings 5 November 2018 News
Father's nicotine use risks cognitive problems down the generations 22 October 2018 News
Spontaneous DNA errors may lead to dementia 22 October 2018 News
£40 gene test could predict heart disease risk 15 October 2018 News
'Molecular signature' of childhood trauma discovered in men's sperm 8 October 2018 News
Cancer-related gene variations often reclassified, shows study 1 October 2018 News
TV Review: Coronation Street's DNA Secrets – ITV 1 October 2018 Review
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