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Genetics and insurance

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Book Review: Designing Babies – How technology is changing the ways we create children 10 August 2020 Review
Privacy questions after Blackstone acquires Ancestry 10 August 2020 News
Canada's Supreme Court upholds genetic non-discrimination law 13 July 2020 News
Australia launches genetic testing moratorium for life insurance 8 July 2019 News
The strongest defence against genetic discrimination 18 June 2018 Comment
Data breach sparks DNA test privacy concerns 11 June 2018 News
10 new genetic tests available each day, US study finds 14 May 2018 News
Upgraded CRISPR edits thousands of genes at once 16 April 2018 News
Australian insurance inquiry to consider genetic discrimination 29 August 2017 News
Ancestry owns genetic information of customers and their relatives 22 May 2017 News
Canada passes genetic non-discrimination bill 13 March 2017 News
US House Committee challenges workers' genetic privacy 13 March 2017 News
What you think about the benefits and risks of whole genome sequencing 1 June 2015 Comment
Eight questions for Anne Wojcicki, CEO and co-founder of 23andMe 5 May 2015 Comment
Event Review: 'Do You Really Want to Know?' screening by Genetic Alliance UK 23 February 2015 Review
Canada: Call to halt use of gene test results in insurance calculations 14 July 2014 News
Podcast: Risk Management - Breast Cancer, Business and Patents 30 June 2014 Comment
Risk Management: Breast Cancer, Business and Patents 9 June 2014 Comment
Genetic counselling - decision support or a tool for rationing? 9 September 2013 Comment
Insurance will continue to be unaffected by predictive genetic tests, says Government 2 July 2012 News
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