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Genetic testing

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Health reports from direct-to-consumer genetic tests 'woefully incomplete' 21 October 2019 News
Call for genetic testing for all women with breast cancer 7 October 2019 News
Review: DNA testing secrets 23 September 2019 Review
Trump plans to 'extract' DNA from undocumented immigrants 2 September 2019 News
US project on 1 million genomes lines up genetic counsellors 27 August 2019 News
Widen breast cancer gene screening, says US taskforce 27 August 2019 News
US couple launch lawsuit after ancestry test reveals sperm mix-up 12 August 2019 News
Podcast Review: 23andMe (and You, and Everyone Else) – Freakonomics 5 August 2019 Review
Call for genome sequencing pilot in newborn screening 29 July 2019 News
Australia launches genetic testing moratorium for life insurance 8 July 2019 News
What can healthy individuals learn from getting their genomes sequenced? 1 July 2019 Comment
100 BRCA gene variants linked to cancer found 24 June 2019 News
Podcast Review: The Genetic Revolution – the Economist 3 June 2019 Review
Testing times: how should we use genomic data in assisted reproduction 20 May 2019 Comment
Native American man's DNA traced back 17,000 years 13 May 2019 News
How should we use genomic data in assisted reproduction? 7 May 2019 Comment
USA to roll out DNA testing at Mexico border 7 May 2019 News
Health secretary 'massively misinterprets' genetic test results 25 March 2019 News
Talking genomics with patients 11 March 2019 Comment
Why a two-tier system for genomic testing is a bad idea 4 March 2019 Comment
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