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Gamete and embryo freezing

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Scottish woman makes case to use late husband's sperm 21 September 2020 News
Transgender girl's sperm to be stored until court date 14 September 2020 News
Mother of dead transgender girl makes case to save her sperm 7 September 2020 News
The revolution of vitrification in ART 24 August 2020 Comment
Book Review: Designing Babies – How technology is changing the ways we create children 10 August 2020 Review
Frozen IVF embryos do not increase chance of pregnancy 10 August 2020 News
More Trouble in Store? 20 July 2020 Comment
Fertility preservation is effective in female cancer patients 6 July 2020 News
Storing embryos for longer may reduce chances of pregnancy success 29 June 2020 News
Help others to be mothers: PET's #ExtendTheLimit campaign relaunches for Mother's Day 23 March 2020 News
Leading medics back egg freezing extension 2 March 2020 News
Court considers request to access dead patient's fertility treatment records 24 February 2020 News
Why the UK Government should modernise the law on embryo and gamete storage 24 February 2020 Comment
World's first baby born from new egg freezing technique 24 February 2020 News
Fresh donor eggs better for IVF than frozen 17 February 2020 News
Ten year storage of eggs, sperm and embryos may be extended 17 February 2020 News
Arizona woman cannot use frozen embryos against ex-husband's wishes 27 January 2020 News
Frozen Fertility: The Challenges of Storing Eggs, Sperm and Embryos 27 January 2020 Comment
Egg freezing is driven by a lack of suitable partners, but men are still very much involved 12 January 2020 Comment
Book Review: Egg Freezing, Fertility and Reproductive Choice - Negotiating Responsibility, Hope and Modern Motherhood 11 November 2019 Review
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