ISMAAR Symposium 2020, Saturday 22 February, Copenhagen
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Gamete and embryo donation and trade

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Human genome editing: what about the protection of egg donors in research? 9 December 2019 Comment
Mother takes legal action against sperm bank for her child's dwarfism 4 November 2019 News
PET launches egg freezing #ExtendTheLimit campaign 4 November 2019 News
Assisted reproduction crime network in Greece highlights need for monitoring surrogacy 21 October 2019 Comment
Sperm donor sues clinic over alleged 'irresponsible' use of his sperm 7 October 2019 News
Sperm donor implicated in multiple cases of child autism 23 September 2019 News
Why bioethics around artificial reproductive technology are not just women's issues 23 September 2019 Comment
Move to legalise egg donation and surrogacy in Germany 19 August 2019 News
US couple launch lawsuit after ancestry test reveals sperm mix-up 12 August 2019 News
Sex selection by gay men using gestational surrogacy: a troubling trend in queer family-making? 29 July 2019 Comment
How the USA's antiquated citizenship policies discriminate against families of same-sex parents 15 July 2019 Comment
Canadian doctor loses licence for using own sperm in IVF 1 July 2019 News
Donor conception and direct-to-consumer DNA testing 24 June 2019 Comment
Informal sperm donor is legal parent, rules Australian court 24 June 2019 News
The open future of donor conception 3 June 2019 Comment
Looking for genetic relatives in genetic databases is harmful and wrong 20 May 2019 Comment
Testing times: how should we use genomic data in assisted reproduction 20 May 2019 Comment
Texas bill would treat 'fertility fraud' as sexual assault 20 May 2019 News
Removing donor anonymity retrospectively in Victoria, Australia – two years on 13 May 2019 Comment
Egg-sharing: as relevant in oocyte freezing today as in IVF two decades ago 1 April 2019 Comment
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