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Gamete and embryo donation and trade

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Looking for genetic relatives in genetic databases is harmful and wrong 20 May 2019 Comment
Testing times: how should we use genomic data in assisted reproduction 20 May 2019 Comment
Texas bill would treat 'fertility fraud' as sexual assault 20 May 2019 News
Removing donor anonymity retrospectively in Victoria, Australia – two years on 13 May 2019 Comment
Egg-sharing: as relevant in oocyte freezing today as in IVF two decades ago 1 April 2019 Comment
Australia's Attorney-General argues sperm donor's case as parent 11 March 2019 News
Israel's high court rejects prolific US sperm donor's petition 18 February 2019 News
Sperm bank warns against tracing anonymous donor via DNA test 4 February 2019 News
Book review: My Story, My Gift – books for the children of egg, sperm and embryo donors 21 January 2019 Review
Book Review: Your Family - A Donor Kid's Story 17 December 2018 Review
Q&A with Sally Cheshire 17 December 2018 Comment
Why the UK High Court has granted non-parentage in a case of embryo adoption 10 December 2018 Comment
New crime of 'fertility fraud' proposed in Indiana 3 December 2018 News
Why does Canada tax eggs and not sperm? 26 November 2018 Comment
Canadian government tables reform to assisted reproduction laws 5 November 2018 News
Film Review: Thank You For Coming 22 October 2018 Review
TV Review: Inside Out North East & Cumbria - 24.09.18 (BBC) 8 October 2018 Review
Australian woman wins right to IVF without estranged husband's consent 1 October 2018 News
Sperm shortages force Tokyo hospital to end donor insemination 1 October 2018 News
Home DNA test kits should come with a warning, says HFEA 24 September 2018 News
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