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Ethics and regulation

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Controversial genome-editing scientist Dr He is alive and under guard 14 January 2019 News
Chinese genome editing cancer trial loses track of patients 7 January 2019 News
Science marches on: key scientific developments in embryo research 7 January 2019 Comment
Society marches on: key social changes in assisted conception 7 January 2019 Comment
UK surrogates call for immediate transfer of parenthood after birth 7 January 2019 News
Q&A with Sally Cheshire 17 December 2018 Comment
Two-thirds of fertility patients feel ripped off by IVF clinics 17 December 2018 News
WHO to discuss genome editing while Dr He Jiankui is missing 10 December 2018 News
BioNews CRISPR Appeal 3 December 2018 Comment
China halts controversial 'genome-edited babies' research 3 December 2018 News
Genome editing in humans could become both ethical and prudent if properly regulated 3 December 2018 Comment
I remember where I was when I heard about the world's first genome-edited babies 3 December 2018 Comment
Woman sues UK hospital over Huntington's inheritance 3 December 2018 News
Birth of first genome-edited babies causes furore 26 November 2018 News
Experts caution on implications of 'lost embryos' lawsuit 26 November 2018 News
First genome-edited babies: a very different perception of ethics 26 November 2018 Comment
Why does Canada tax eggs and not sperm? 26 November 2018 Comment
Cambodia arrests 11 more surrogates, as Australian nurse released 19 November 2018 News
FDA approves DNA test for predicting drug effectiveness – if it carries warnings 5 November 2018 News
Whose genome is it anyway? 5 November 2018 Comment
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