Help others to be mothers - please sign and share the Progress Educational Trust's petition, calling on the UK Government to #ExtendTheLimit on social egg freezing
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Ethics and regulation

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Podcast Review: Episode 2: The Gene Gap - Who decides what should happen next? 30 March 2020 Review
Guidance for the care of fertility patients during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic 23 March 2020 Comment
Help others to be mothers: PET's #ExtendTheLimit campaign relaunches for Mother's Day 23 March 2020 News
Film Review: Childless in the world's most fertile country (BBC Africa Eye) 16 March 2020 Review
ABC v St George's: exercising judgment without fear 2 March 2020 Comment
Film Review: DNA testing, sperm donor anonymity and me 2 March 2020 Review
Leading medics back egg freezing extension 2 March 2020 News
Court considers request to access dead patient's fertility treatment records 24 February 2020 News
Documentary Review: The Gene Revolution (BBC Storyville) 24 February 2020 Review
Government's review of the ten-year egg-freezing storage limit is a vital step forward 24 February 2020 Comment
UK Government adviser resigns over eugenics remarks 24 February 2020 News
Why the UK Government should modernise the law on embryo and gamete storage 24 February 2020 Comment
Dutch stem cell bank loses samples 17 February 2020 News
Event Review: The Gene Gap – Who would you trust to edit the human race? 17 February 2020 Review
#ExtendTheLimit - PET pushes the campaign past the first milestone 17 February 2020 Comment
New consumer law guidelines for IVF sector 17 February 2020 News
Ten year storage of eggs, sperm and embryos may be extended 17 February 2020 News
Posthumous sperm donation and donor-conceived peoples' rights 10 February 2020 Comment
Colorado fertility doctor who used own sperm responds to lawsuit 3 February 2020 News
The aftermath of the He Jiankui fiasco: China's response 3 February 2020 Comment
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