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Access to IVF

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Patient data stolen from a fertility clinic network in the USA 30 November 2020 News
IVF Success: What Makes Scotland Special? 22 November 2020 Comment
IVF to be publicly funded in Québec 16 November 2020 News
Relationship status does not affect outcome of cumulative donor insemination treatments 16 November 2020 Comment
Lessons from Lockdown: How to Improve Support for Fertility Patients 9 November 2020 Comment
Amy Coney Barrett may threaten access to IVF if appointed to the US Supreme Court 19 October 2020 News
HFEA data shows rise in IVF across family types 28 September 2020 News
Starting or ending a pregnancy: why the British Pregnancy Advisory Service is doing both 28 September 2020 Comment
Should people with criminal records be able to access assisted reproductive technology? The law in Victoria, Australia 21 September 2020 Comment
IVF postcode lottery for breast cancer patients 24 August 2020 News
Relationship status and BMI used to determine access to IVF 17 August 2020 News
COVID-19 and infertility: thoughts, feelings and coping with clinic closure 10 August 2020 Comment
Event Review: COVID-19 Impact on Access to Fertility Services 3 August 2020 Review
IVF: A Test Case – Whether, When and How Clinics Should Test Patients and Staff for COVID-19 3 August 2020 Comment
Podcast Review: Today in Focus – A journey to Greece for solo IVF during the pandemic 6 July 2020 Review
How to safely deliver fertility treatments in the COVID-19 era: the controversy of guidelines 29 June 2020 Comment
Fertility clinics charge up to £400 for coronavirus tests 22 June 2020 News
What is happening to reopen fertility clinics in Scotland? 15 June 2020 Comment
HFEA supports a move towards a longer storage period for fertility patients 1 June 2020 Comment
From fertility lab to COVID testing: a personal experience of pandemic redeployment 26 May 2020 Comment
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