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Access to IVF

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Radio Review: Sex, Drugs & Lullabies: men matter (BBC Radio Humberside) 6 January 2020 Review
Book Review: Eastern and Western Perspectives on Surrogacy 9 December 2019 Review
IVF clinics accused of 'embezzling' cash from desperate patients 9 December 2019 News
IVF Fairness petition closed due to UK election 11 November 2019 News
Fertility treatment is becoming safer says HFEA report 7 October 2019 News
France's lower house approves IVF draft law 30 September 2019 News
NHS group denies single women IVF treatment 27 August 2019 News
Single mother families formed through assisted reproduction: the evidence 27 August 2019 Comment
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG suspends funded IVF indefinitely 12 August 2019 News
Public benefits of children: A case for publicly funding fertility care 22 July 2019 Comment
Couple sues IVF clinic after embryo mix-up 15 July 2019 News
IVF postcode lottery 'blights patients' lives and damages the NHS' reputation', says minister 24 June 2019 News
Transgender fertility rights case against NHS dropped 8 April 2019 News
Egg-sharing: as relevant in oocyte freezing today as in IVF two decades ago 1 April 2019 Comment
South Norfolk bucks national trend to increase funding for IVF 11 February 2019 News
Gay couple hopes to take up NHS's IVF surrogacy option 4 February 2019 News
Oldham CCG cuts IVF cycle funding from three to one 21 January 2019 News
Irish government to set aside funds for IVF treatment 7 January 2019 News
Lancashire CCGs cut IVF services from two cycles to one 5 November 2018 News
Local areas in England are setting their own IVF access criteria 29 October 2018 News
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