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CONTENTS Issue #892
The craftsmanship of mimicking embryogenesis in a dish
Creating something out of nothing
Book Review: Moondance
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The craftsmanship of mimicking embryogenesis in a dish
13 March 2017 - by Dr Dusko Ilic
The regulatory mechanisms governing organ development are, in general, poorly defined. To recreate the complex processes involved in organ growth and maturation, scientists have started fiddling with three-dimensional (3D) cell culture... [Read More]
Creating something out of nothing
13 March 2017 - by Sarah Norcross
Last week saw an exciting breakthrough in embryology, as stem cells from an adult mouse were used to grow a structure resembling a mouse embryo in vitro for the first time... [Read More]
US House Committee challenges workers' genetic privacy
13 March 2017 - by Jen Willows
A bill currently passing through the US House of Representatives may mean that employees will have to share their genetic information with their employers... [Read More]
Canada passes genetic non-discrimination bill
13 March 2017 - by Rebecca Carr
A bill outlawing genetic discrimination has been passed by Canada's House of Commons, adding genetic characteristics as a protected ground under their Human Rights Act... [Read More]
Red-hair gene link to Parkinson's
13 March 2017 - by Lone Hørlyck
A gene variant resulting in red hair and fair skin, already known to increase the risk of melanoma, may also predispose carriers to the development of Parkinson's disease, a recent study conducted in mice has found... [Read More]
Blood test could detect and locate cancer at early stage
13 March 2017 - by Dr Loredana Guglielmi
Researchers have developed a new blood test that can not only detect cancer at an early stage, but can also indicate where the tumour is located in the body... [Read More]
First genome editing of normal human embryos
13 March 2017 - by Dr Katie Howe
Chinese scientists have successfully used genome editing to correct mutations in viable human embryos for the first time... [Read More]
18 new genes linked to autism
13 March 2017 - by Jenny Sharpe
A study that sequenced the whole genomes of over 5000 people has discovered 18 genes associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)... [Read More]
Complete synthetic yeast organism almost a reality
13 March 2017 - by Jamie Rickman
An international team has rewritten the genetic code of five chromosomes in yeast – one third of the organism's entire genome... [Read More]
Book Review: Moondance
13 March 2017 - by Dr Mary Yarwood
How can you long for someone who doesn't exist? Diane Chandler's second novel charts the story of Cat and Dom as they attempt to have a child through fertility treatment... [Read More]

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