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Illumine Theatre
Seligman Theatre, Chapter, Market Road, Canton, Cardiff CF5 1QE
3 October 2018 - 13/10/2018

The world premiere of a new play tackling the ethics of gamete donation will be staged in Cardiff this October.

2023 is an explosive exploration of family relationships, genetics, deafness and what makes us feel we belong, exploring the 2005 law change which means that children born from donated eggs or sperm are entitled to know who their biological parent is when they turn 18. In 2023 the first cohort of children born after the law change will come of age, and the play imagines what happens when one such child seeks out her family.

The show, produced by Illumine Theatre, plays at the Seligman Theatre in Cardiff from 3-13 October 2018. There will also be a post-show discussion with scientific experts on 5 October.

Illumine is fundraising to ensure this production will be of the highest quality, and fully accessible to deaf audiences at every performance. The company has already secured funding from Arts Council Wales and the Unity Theatre Trust, but needs an additional £3,000 to properly fund a production. Donate online here.

The play's director Zoe Waterman says: 'Any donation would be gratefully received, and make a huge difference to getting these issues onto the stage and into the public consciousness in Wales and the UK as a whole.'

The playwright, Lisa Parry, says: 'We could not be more excited to be staging this play just over four years before the law change comes into effect. Hopefully the play will bring scientific debate into the mainstream a little bit more.'

2023 has been developed with the help of Jacky Boivin, Professor of Health Psychology at Cardiff University.