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Foundation Course for Counsellors working in Licensed Treatment Centres or Related Settings

British Infertility Counselling Association
Chancellors Hotel, Chancellors Way, Moseley Road, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 6NN
9 June 2017 - 10/06/2017

An essential course for counsellors working in HFEA-licensed centres who are new to the field or working towards British Infertility Counselling Association accreditation, as well as counsellors who see clients with infertility issues in other relevant settings.

Course aims:

  • to provide an overview of the context and range of issues surrounding work with clients who are experiencing infertility;

  • to increase understanding of the impact of reproductive techniques;

  • to develop specialist knowledge and skills;

  • to facilitate participants in attaining accreditation in compliance with the HFEA Code of Practice.

Topics discussed will include:

  • counselling in an HFEA-licensed clinic;

  • the legislative and regularity framework;

  • key regulatory principles for licensed centres;

  • working in a multidisciplinary team;

  • the infertility journey;

  • the experience of loss and grief;

  • gender differences;

  • implications of treatment;

  • welfare of the child;

  • counsellors' need for support;

  • the inspection process.

  • providing, promoting and evaluating the counselling service;

Attendance fees range from £180 to £200. To register, email Janet Owen at