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PGD for Reciprocal Translocation Cases: State of the ART


16 October 2012

A webinar introduced by Dr Tony Gordon, Director of 24sure at BlueGnome.

Balanced chromosomal abnormalities occur when one chromosome segment is fused onto another chromosome. They occur in about 1:500-600 of the general population, or approximately 12million people worldwide. Balanced translocation carriers generally show no phenotype but often have fertility issues, because when a single unbalanced chromosome is inherited from a carrier in an embryo, an imbalance is created. Imbalanced embryos generally result in a miscarriage, or (rarely) an affected child. Screening balanced translocation carrier embryos for chromosome imbalances has up until recently been performed using FISH. Recent data suggests that 24sure+, BlueGnome’s array technology for the detection of small imbalances in embryos, can more accurately determine balanced or euploid embryos for selection and hence may have a greater potential to select viable embryos for transfer.

Participation in the webinar is free but advance booking is required. To register, use this online form or contact Sally Cartwright at or on +44 (0)1223 885 900.

Further details of this event are available on the BlueGnome website.