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Preparation for Donor Conception Parenthood

Donor Conception Network
London, UK
24 April 2010 10am-6pm

A workshop for lesbians and single women contemplating use of sperm, egg or embryo donation or currently having treatment.

This workshop will provide information about the medical, legal, psychological and social/emotional implications of donor conception treatment and subsequent family raising. There will also be opportunities for participants to meet together in small groups to talk about personal stories, thoughts and feelings, and to meet with people who are already parents of donor conceived children.

The workshop is appropriate for those having treatment in the UK or abroad, but is not appropriate for those who have already conceived. Note that this particular workshop is aimed at lesbian couples and single women, but heterosexual couples are welcome to attend similar workshops taking place on 5 September 2009, 3/10 October 2009, 21-22 November 2009, 16/23 January 2010, 6 March 2010 and 12/19 April 2010.

The workshop is subsidised by a grant from the Department of Health, but there is an attendance fee of £30 with a concessionary rate of £15. This covers refreshments and one year's membership of the Donor Conception Network (for those not already members). To register, complete this form (.pdf 494KB) and post it to 'Preparation for Parenthood Workshops, 32 Cholmeley Crescent, London N6 5HA, UK', or contact the Donor Conception Network at or on +44 (0)020 8245 4369.

Further details of this event are available on the Donor Conception Network website.