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The Age of Personalised Genomics

Genome Alberta
Rimrock Resort Hotel, 300 Mountain Avenue, Banff National Park, Alberta T1L 1J2, Canada
16 September 2009 - 18/09/2009

The 5th International DNA Sampling Conference.

In 2007, pioneering genetic researchers James Watson and J Craig Venter had their personal genomes decoded and released to the world. Private companies are now seizing business opportunities to sell genetic tests directly to the public, healthcare funders and providers are attempting to determine when genetic testing should be used, and biomedical researchers are ramping up large-scale genome research consortia. This has left governments scrambling to keep pace by developing regulatory frameworks that encourage innovation in genomics research and commercialisation, while protecting citizens from the potential harms of genetic discrimination, privacy invasion and the overhyping of new technologies.

Topics addressed at this event will include:

  • The current state of genomic science;

  • research ethics and governance challenges;

  • integration of personalized genomics into healthcare;

  • media and popular representation of personal genomics;

  • commercialisation of personalized genomics and regulation of direct-to-consumer genetic testing.

Attendance fees range from US$100 to US$525. To register, use this online form or contact Robyn Hyde-Lay at or on +1 (403) 503 5220.

Further details of this event are available on the Genome Alberta website.