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How User-Led Innovation in Bioinformatics Stands to Facilitate Civic Translational Science

Economic and Social Research Council Genomics Network
Welsh e-Science Access Grid Node (Queens Building, 5 The Parade, Cardiff University, Cardiff CF24 3AA, UK) and InfoLab Access Grid Node (Room C60B, InfoLab21, South Drive, Lancaster University, Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 4WA, UK)
1 July 2009 1pm-2.30pm

A seminar on civic translational science and the broader open-source revolution in biotechnology.

The seminar will incorporate a case study of a large-scale Canadian scientific network that has developed a bioinformatics tool to facilitate investigations into gene/gene and gene/protein interactions and pathogenomics pathways of the innate immune system. Understanding these interactions and pathways is one of the crucial next steps in making sense of the genomic information from the Human Genome Project.

Further details of this event are available on the Economic and Social Research Council Genomics Network website.