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Running for Answers

European Society for Reproductive Immunology
Club Med Athenia, Marathon 19007, Attica, Greece
16 September 2009 - 20 September 2009

The 7th Congress of the European Society for Reproductive Immunology.

The accumulation of knowledge over the past years in the fields of immunology, embryology, molecular biology and biochemistry, in association with novel experimental tools and technologies, can now serve to revisit the so-called 'immunological paradox of pregnancy'.

Topics addressed at this event will include:

  • gamete interaction, embryo antigenicity and implantation;

  • the placental barrier - allorecognition in pregnancy;

  • the cellular and molecular regulation of the maternal immune response;

  • the immune causes of infertility, embryo loss and perinatal pathology;

  • epigenetics, analysis and statistics in reproduction.

Attendance fees range from €50 to €330. To register, download and complete a booking form and email it to Nina Thomopoulou at, or contact Nina Thomopoulou at or on +30 210 72 54 360.

Further details of this event are available on the European Society for Reproductive Immunology website.