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Francis Collins steps down as NIH director after 12 years
20 December 2021 - by Francesca Gavins
Former head of the Human Genome Project, physician and geneticist, Francis Collins has resigned from his role of the head of the US National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland... [Read More]
FANCI gene mutation more common in ovarian cancer patients
13 December 2021 - by Francesca Gavins
Mutations in the FANCI gene have been linked to risks of ovarian cancer for the first time... [Read More]
Women sue over lack of pain relief during egg retrieval
22 November 2021 - by Francesca Gavins
Seven women have accused a US fertility clinic of failing to safeguard its supply of opioid painkillers after a nurse replaced fentanyl with saline... [Read More]
Genetic variants could link anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome
15 November 2021 - by Francesca Gavins
Irritable bowel syndrome and mood and anxiety disorders are genetically linked, with brain-gut pathways playing a key role... [Read More]
'Postcode lottery' persists for England's fertility patients
8 November 2021 - by Francesca Gavins
A national audit has highlighted regional differences in IVF funding, set by local clinical commissioning groups... [Read More]
Artificial intelligence interprets gene variants' potential to lead to disease
1 November 2021 - by Francesca Gavins
An artificial intelligence model has been developed that accurately predicts the disease-risk associated with human gene variants.
Patient has low sperm count 11 weeks after severe COVID-19
25 October 2021 - by Francesca Gavins
The SARS-CoV-2 virus was detected in the semen of a COVID-19 patient taking part in a longitudinal study into the impact of the virus on male fertility... [Read More]

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Podcast Review: We are Family (aren't we?)
6 December 2021 - by Francesca Gavins
'What makes someone family?' asked host Paris Lees, as I listened to an episode of the Flipside, a collection of podcasts that combine social sciences and storytelling to inform debate on two opposing stories... [Read More]