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Candidate drug targeting metastasis could stop cancer spreading
6 December 2021 - by James Moore
Researchers have identified a molecule that could be used as a drug to prevent metastasis, a process by which cancer can spread and cause death... [Read More]
Switzerland's marriage equality law widens access to IVF
22 November 2021 - by James Moore
Same-sex couples in Switzerland will be able to marry from July 2022 and will have the same access to assisted reproduction as heterosexual couples... [Read More]
UK BioBank study links gene variants to health
1 November 2021 - by James Moore
Analysis of DNA sequences from over 450,000 participants in the UK BioBank has helped connect hundreds of genes to health outcomes... [Read More]
Children born with rare immune disease still healthy ten years after gene therapy
25 October 2021 - by James Moore
Gene therapy given to children born with a deadly immune disease remains safe and effective ten years on, researchers report... [Read More]