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BioNews News articles written by Paige Mumford:

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Gene therapy enhances the effects of Parkinson's disease drug in mice
8 November 2021 - by Paige Mumford
Gene therapy delivered to a novel mouse model of Parkinson's disease improved the effects of existing Parkinson's drug levodopa... [Read More]
New method refines CRISPR base editing
1 November 2021 - by Paige Mumford
Splitting and reconstituting the enzymes used in the base editing method of genome editing may make more controlled changes possible... [Read More]
Novel genetic links to depression discovered in East Asian population
25 October 2021 - by Paige Mumford
Genetic risk factors for depression are different in East Asian populations compared to European, a new study has shown... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Paige Mumford:

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Podcast Review: DNA Today – dementia
22 November 2021 - by Paige Mumford
DNA Today is a weekly podcast which aims to 'educate the public on genetic and public health topics.' In this episode on dementia, host Kira Dineen spoke with biochemist Dr Dayan Goodenowe... [Read More]