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Book Review: Robo-Babies

6 September 2021
Appeared in BioNews 1111


By Laura Gallagher and Nicci Martin

Published by ‎Owlet Press

ISBN-10: ‎‎ 1913339041, ISBN-13: 978-1913339043

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When my wife and I found out we were going to become mums to twin girls, one of our first conversations was about how we would teach them about the miracle of life.

As every family is different, we tossed and turned over how much information to share with our children, and when. I was relieved and overjoyed to have been sent a copy of Robo-Babies which helped calm my nerves and provide a wonderful story to tell my girls when the time is right.

This colourful children's book provides an easy way to introduce concepts such as multiple births, IVF, egg donation, surrogacy and adoption to young children. Most importantly, it demonstrates that all families are unique and formed with love.

The robot planet storyline allows for a gentle introduction to the different ways in which families come together to have children, both by themselves and with the help of other talented robots who help them on their journey.

Robo-Babies follows five different families and the obstacles – and solutions – they experience when building their family. Each of the examples provides a jumping-off point for parents to explain in more detail how their family was formed, and how the help of science, friends, or the community at large helped bring their baby safely home.

By following the stories of how different robo-babies came to join their families through love, care and some extra help, children can more easily align themselves to the characters living in the far-away sparkling planet.

Robo-Babies helps children to understand how wanted and loved they are by their families before they are ready to live on the metal planet. It also acknowledges the struggle that parents may face to have children, and reinforces the fact that families are no less special if they don't have all the right parts to make a baby by themselves. 

The illustrations in the book are bright and engaging, and show a range of different shaped robot families and their babies over twenty-four pages that all children can enjoy. Robo-Babies ends on a twinkling note, encouraging all who read it to gaze into the night sky and spot the sparkling planet where all the happy robot families and their robo-babies live in harmony.

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