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Functional sperm developed in vitro from primate embryonic stem cells
25 October 2021 - by Abbie Harper
Stem cells from rhesus macaque monkeys have been used to make sperm in a dish... [Read More]
Escaping stem cells blamed for baldness
11 October 2021 - by Abbie Harper
The exit of stem cells from hair follicle structures contributes to hair whitening and loss, in a mechanism which could be used to prevent baldness in humans... [Read More]
First genome editing treatment for HIV enters clinical trials
27 September 2021 - by Abbie Harper
A CRISPR-based therapy developed as a potential cure for HIV has been approved for human clinical trials by the US Food and Drug Administration... [Read More]
Researchers grow mini human lungs to imitate COVID-19 infection
6 September 2021 - by Abbie Harper
The first human 'lung-in-a-dish' model, known as a lung organoid, representing all lung cell types and allowing replication of SARS-CoV-2 infection has been produced... [Read More]
Genetic variants affecting COVID-19 susceptibility identified
12 July 2021 - by Abbie Harper
Our genomes can influence the susceptibility and response to SARS-CoV-2 infection, determining the severity of symptoms... [Read More]