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FILM: Changing the Human Genome – What Next for Germline Genome Editing?

9 August 2021
By BioNews
Appeared in BioNews 1107

This film documents the Progress Educational Trust (PET) event 'Changing the Human Genome: What Next for Germline Genome Editing?', which discussed the World Health Organisation's recent publications on human genome editing.

The event was sponsored by the Association of Reproductive and Clinical Scientists and the Anne McLaren Memorial Trust Fund.

(If you cannot see the film below, click here to view it.)

0:00:00 Sarah Norcross
Director, Progress Educational Trust

0:04:46 Professor Robin Lovell-Badge
Member, World Health Organisation Advisory Committee on Genome Editing
0:21:22 Dr Norah Fogarty
Group Leader, Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
0:35:37 Dr Peter Mills
Assistant Director, Nuffield Council on Bioethics
0:52:48 Professor Vardit Ravitsky
President, International Association of Bioethics

1:02:21 Responses to audience questions and comments

This film was made by Video Production Edinburgh.

The three publications by the World Health Organisation discussed at this event are:

17 January 2022 - by Isobel Steer 
The Centre for Bioethics and Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts, presented a fascinating talk on the opportunities for great medical advancements, and grave harm, presented to researchers by CRISPR/Cas9 and other apporaches to genome editing...
6 September 2021 - by David Cansfield 
Patent laws could be used to restrict the use of genome editing technologies from being used to change the germline...
19 July 2021 - by Ana Hallgarten 
PET's latest online event discussed the recently published reports from the World Health Organisation on human genome editing...
12 July 2021 - by Dr Dieter Egli 
I recently received a thoughtful letter from a college student I do not know – I'll call her Claudia* – who took the time to reach out to me with her perspective on heritable genome editing in embryos...
12 July 2021 - by Jen Willows 
The World Health Organisation has released new guidelines for the governance of genome editing in humans...
1 June 2021 - by Dr Helen Robertson 
In November 2018, the Chinese scientist Dr He Jiankui announced to attendees of the second International Summit on Human Genome Editing that he had used the CRISPR genome editing approach to modify the DNA of embryos before implanting them in their mother's uterus...
1 June 2021 - by BioNews 
A conversation between Sandy Starr and Professor Robin Lovell-Badge (deputy director and chair of trustees respectively at the Progress Educational Trust) about the latest guidelines of the International Society for Stem Cell Research...
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