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Epigenetics and bioethics of human embryonic development: a birds' eye perspective
5 July 2021 - by Trine Skuland, Dr Birgit Kvernflaten and Joona Räsänen
It is becoming clear that our gene functions are influenced by a variety of 'epigenetic' factors throughout our lives and even before we are conceived... [Read More]
FILM: Sarah Norcross and Professor Sir Mark Caulfield discuss whole genome sequencing and genomic medicine
5 July 2021 - by BioNews
A conversation between Sarah Norcross (director of the Progress Educational Trust) and Professor Sir Mark Caulfield (outgoing chief scientist at Genomics England) about the past, present and future of NHS genomics... [Read More]
IVF children do not have increased cancer risk
5 July 2021 - by Jen Willows
Children born as a result of fertility treatment are no more likely to develop cancer than naturally-conceived children, according to a new study... [Read More]
Sperm movement discovery could help treat male infertility
5 July 2021 - by Dr Charlotte Douglas
An essential component of how sperm move has been discovered, opening up new avenues for the understanding and treatment of male infertility... [Read More]
Most sophisticated in vitro mouse embryo created from stem cells
5 July 2021 - by Stella Hume
A mouse embryo has been developed artificially in a lab from embryonic stem cells that represents the most sophisticated in vitro mammalian model ever created... [Read More]
Ovarian reserve is not affected by COVID-19
5 July 2021 - by Jen Willows
Fertility patients who have recovered from COVID-19 have the same chance of conceiving that they did before they were infected, according to a small study... [Read More]
Reversal of biological age detected in mouse and human embryos
5 July 2021 - by Semyon Bodian
Germline cells seem to reset their biological clocks around the time of embryo implantation, not when generating gametes, as previously thought... [Read More]
CRISPR genome editing treatment shows promise for genetic disorder
5 July 2021 - by Dr Laura Riggall
In-body CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing could offer an effective treatment for a rare, life-threatening genetic condition... [Read More]
Hormone clue to pre-eclampsia after frozen embryo transfers
5 July 2021 - by Jen Willows
Pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure in pregnancy may be linked to the way the uterus is prepared before frozen embryos are transferred... [Read More]
Childhood obesity linked to genomic instability which is a hallmark of most cancers
5 July 2021 - by Dr Charlott Repschlager
Obese children and adolescents experience higher levels of genomic instability, potentially increasing the risk of cancer in adulthood, a study has shown... [Read More]
Two egg collections in one cycle may benefit some IVF patients
5 July 2021 - by Jen Willows
A protocol involving two egg collections in the same menstrual cycle may reduce the time to pregnancy for IVF patients who respond poorly to ovarian stimulation... [Read More]
Genome-wide evidence of the importance of unusual DNA structures
5 July 2021 - by Dr George Janes
Quadruple-stranded DNA structures appear to be evolutionarily conserved in some regions of the genome, indicating they serve an important purpose... [Read More]
DNA screening study to identify cancer risk in young adults in Australia
5 July 2021 - by Georgina Al-Badri
A low-cost screening test to identify cancer risk in young adults is set to be developed as part of a new $2.97 million study at Monash University in Melbourne,Australia... [Read More]
Podcast Review: Heart and Soul – Creating life after death
5 July 2021 - by Daniel Jacobson
It didn't take long after starting to write for BioNews to realise that research into fertility and conception is less about understanding their features or mechanisms, and far more about our undeniable, unassailable right to family... [Read More]
Webinar Review: Neonatal testing for rare diseases – The power of knowing
5 July 2021 - by Tsvetana Stoilova
A single blood drop, taken without your consent, can be life-changing... [Read More]

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