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FILM: Sandy Starr and Professor Robin Lovell-Badge discuss embryo and stem cell research guidelines

1 June 2021
By BioNews
Appeared in BioNews 1097

This film documents a conversation between Sandy Starr (deputy director of the Progress Educational Trust, or PET, the charity that publishes BioNews) and Professor Robin Lovell-Badge (chair of trustees at PET) about embryo and stem cell research.

Professor Lovell-Badge chaired the task force that developed the latest guidelines of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (see BioNews 1097), and he discusses those guidelines here.

If you cannot see the film below, click here to view it.

The main themes of the conversation are as follows.
00:00 Background to stem cells
01:57 The International Society for Stem Cell Research
03:02 Dealing with rogue operators
03:55 How the guidelines work
07:13 Human embryos and the 14-day rule
09:44 Human embryos and the primitive streak
10:41 Why culture embryos for longer?
12:35 Stem-cell-based embryo models
16:01 Combining human and animal material
18:31 Predominantly human or predominantly animal?
20:47 Concluding thoughts
Guidelines for stem cell research and clinical translation
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