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FILM: Sandy Starr and Professor Robin Lovell-Badge discuss embryo and stem cell research guidelines
1 June 2021 - by BioNews
A conversation between Sandy Starr and Professor Robin Lovell-Badge (deputy director and chair of trustees respectively at the Progress Educational Trust) about the latest guidelines of the International Society for Stem Cell Research... [Read More]
Reforming the Law on Surrogacy: Reflections on the APPG on Surrogacy Report and Law Commission's Consultation Paper
1 June 2021 - by Charlotte Park-Morton
In April, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Surrogacy launched the 'Report on Understanding of the Law and Practice of Surrogacy'... [Read More]
UK's success rate for IVF has increased
1 June 2021 - by Christina Burke
More single women and same-sex couples are opting for IVF as the success rate continues to improve, according to new data from the UK regulator... [Read More]
New embryo and stem cell research guidelines allow for possibility of extending the 14-day rule
1 June 2021 - by Sandy Starr
The International Society for Stem Cell Research has published wide-ranging new guidelines, covering a number of contentious areas of research and clinical practice... [Read More]
Embryos often develop into healthy babies despite aneuploid genetic tests
1 June 2021 - by Dr Katie Howe
Some of the faulty embryos currently ruled out for use in IVF can self-correct and lead to healthy pregnancies, research has revealed.. [Read More]
Blind man regains partial vision after optogenetic therapy
1 June 2021 - by Jen Willows
A new type of gene therapy has helped a man regain some vision after 40 years... [Read More]
Cilia in fallopian tube essential for egg but not embryo transport
1 June 2021 - by Dr Laura Riggall
Motile cilia are needed to transport ovulated eggs in the fallopian tube, according to new research... [Read More]
Alterations to 3D structure of sperm genome can impact fertility
1 June 2021 - by Dr George Janes
Changes to the three-dimensional (3D) structure of sperm chromosomes during sperm development can affect fertility in mice, it has been revealed... [Read More]
Illumina and Roche settle and dismiss patent lawsuits over 'Harmony' tests
1 June 2021 - by Michaela Chen
A long-running court case over non-invasive prenatal testing patents has been settled... [Read More]
Self-organising heart organoids beat like a 25-day-old human embryo's heart
1 June 2021 - by Bernie Owusu-Yaw
Self-organising heart organoids using human pluripotent stem cells have been developed by researchers from the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (IMBA)... [Read More]
Book Review: CRISPR People – The science and ethics of editing humans
1 June 2021 - by Dr Helen Robertson
In November 2018, the Chinese scientist Dr He Jiankui announced to attendees of the second International Summit on Human Genome Editing that he had used the CRISPR genome editing approach to modify the DNA of embryos before implanting them in their mother's uterus... [Read More]
Podcast Review: Making Better Medicines – Unlocking the promise of genomics for drug discovery
1 June 2021 - by Manon Everard
This podcast by Genetics Unzipped discussed some of the genomic advances that have occurred since the Human Genome Project, and their contribution to the development of a new and improved pharmaceutical industry... [Read More]

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