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BioNews News articles written by Manon Everard:

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Gene identified that plays a key role in severity of colon cancer
13 September 2021 - by Manon Everard
A lack of a specific gene in immune cells of patients with colon cancer has been linked with a much more dangerous form of the disease... [Read More]
IVF pregnancies do not require routine fetal echocardiogram monitoring
26 July 2021 - by Manon Everard
Contrary to current recommendations in the USA, routine fetal echocardiogram screening may not be needed for the majority of IVF pregnancies... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Manon Everard:

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Podcast Review: Making Better Medicines – Unlocking the promise of genomics for drug discovery
1 June 2021 - by Manon Everard
This podcast by Genetics Unzipped discussed some of the genomic advances that have occurred since the Human Genome Project, and their contribution to the development of a new and improved pharmaceutical industry... [Read More]