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Podcast Review: Donor Sperm and Treatment Abroad
20 December 2021 - by Hayley Fryer
The Fertility Podcast, hosted by Natalie Silverman and Kate Davies, is a weekly show that delves into a diverse selection of fertility-related topics... [Read More]
Podcast Review: Why Have Sperm Counts More Than Halved in the Past 40 years?
7 June 2021 - by Hayley Fryer
We've all been told that smoking, drinking too much and being overweight are bad for our overall health and can have a negative impact on our fertility... [Read More]
Podcast Review: ASRM Today – Update no. 12 from the ASRM COVID-19 task force
15 February 2021 - by Hayley Fryer
The American Society for Reproductive Medicine has issued Update no. 12 – Testing and Vaccine Truths from the ASRM COVID-19 task force... [Read More]