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CONTENTS Issue #1076
Podcast Review: Sperm – swimming and surviving
App Review: MyJourney
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International surrogacy: new HFEA guidance and the dangers of oversimplifying a complex picture
14 December 2020 - by Natalie Gamble
The pandemic has thrown a spotlight on international surrogacy... [Read More]
California's Proposition 14: short in the arm for stem cell research
14 December 2020 - by Dr Patrick Foong
Proposition 14 proposes a considerable loan to fund stem cell research, but in the current financial climate this is likely to cause more harm than good... [Read More]
FILM: Lessons from Lockdown - How to Improve Support for Fertility Patients
14 December 2020 - by BioNews
This film documents a Progress Educational Trust event about how best to support patients in light of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, and the related disruption of fertility treatment... [Read More]
FILM: IVF Success - What Makes Scotland Special?
14 December 2020 - by BioNews
This film documents a Progress Educational Trust event about the successes and experiences of Scottish fertility clinics... [Read More]
Genetic variants linked to severe COVID-19 identified
14 December 2020 - by Dr Joanne Delange
Five genes associated with the development of critical illness in patients with COVID-19 have been identified... [Read More]
Acoustic waves used to select high-quality sperm in IVF
14 December 2020 - by Christina Burke
A new approach which uses sound waves to filter sperm for IVF has been developed by Australian researchers... [Read More]
Gene therapy injected in one eye improves vision in both
14 December 2020 - by Julianna Photopoulos
Vision improves in both eyes when gene therapy is administered to only one eye, an international team of researchers has found whilst treating a rare form of blindness... [Read More]
Human egg cells are often genetically abnormal
14 December 2020 - by Dr Marieke Bigg
Meiosis, when cells divide to produce eggs, goes wrong much more than previously thought... [Read More]
Missing link shows how stress affects infertility
14 December 2020 - by Dr Katie Howe
Nerve cells near the base of the brain play a key role in linking stress and fertility, according to new research... [Read More]
Molecular 'barcode' determines which sperm reaches the egg
14 December 2020 - by Emma Bunting
Protein channels help determine the 'winning sperm' that rises above the other millions to reach the egg, new research has shown... [Read More]
New rapid genome sequencing to trace COVID-19
14 December 2020 - by Tsvetana Stoilova
A rapid genomics strategy could speed up identification of changes in the genetic code of SARS-CoV-2, helping identify the source of COVID-19 cases... [Read More]
Podcast Review: Sperm – swimming and surviving
14 December 2020 - by Anna Wernick
Did you know that all successful sperm must be sleek, speedy and streamlined?... [Read More]
App Review: MyJourney
14 December 2020 - by Tracey Sainsbury
The MyJourney app, developed by Dr Sofia Gameiro and her team at Cardiff University, together with Portuguese and UK fertility charities, is designed to support people who, for any reason, do not have the children that they had hoped for... [Read More]

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