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An All-Consuming Problem? How to Protect Patients in the Fertility Market

Progress Educational Trust
Event to be held online, via Zoom Video Webinars
14 January 2021 5.30pm-7pm (GMT)

Dr Louise Strong, Dr Raj Mathur, Mark Wilcox, Clare Ettinghausen, Katy Lindemann and Sarah Norcross, speakers at the Progress Educational Trust's FREE-to-attend public event 'An All-Consuming Problem? How to Protect Patients in the Fertility Market', being held online on Thursday 14 January 2021 A free-to-attend online event about consumer protection for fertility patients, taking place today from 5.30pm-7pm (GMT).

Last year, the UK Government's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) raised concerns about aspects of the fertility sector, including 'add-on' treatments and the (mis)representation of success rates.

Now, the CMA is drafting new guidance for the fertility sector, to help clinics understand and comply with their obligations under consumer law. The CMA is currently consulting stakeholders and the public on what the guidance should contain (the deadline for submitting responses to this consultation has recently been extended to 29 January).

At this event, speakers representing the CMA, the UK fertility regulator (the HFEA), fertility clinics and fertility patients will discuss the CMA's draft guidance. The discussion will explore what consumer law means for the way fertility clinics price, offer and advertise their treatments, and will feed into the CMA consultation.

The event will be chaired by Sarah Norcross, with speakers including:

The event is event is produced by the Progress Educational Trust (PET), and is sponsored by the British Fertility Society and Merck.

Attendees will not be audible or visible during this online event, but will still be able to put questions and comments to the speakers and chair, via a Q&A tool within Zoom Video Webinars.

If tweeting about this event, please use the hashtag #IVFconsumer